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Prof. Dr. Theo Bodewig

Theo BodewigCurriculum Vitae

Academic Education
1967-1971 Study of Economics (Univ. of Muenster and Munich)
1971 M.A. Economics (Diplomvolkswirt, Univ. of Munich)
1972-1976 Study of Law (Univ. of Munich)
1976 First State Exam in Law (State of Bavaria)
1980 Second State Exam in Law (State of Bavaria)
1980 Dr. jur. (Univ. of Munich) summa cum laude, prize of the law faculty
1996 Dr. jur. habil. (Univ. of Munich)
Academic Appointments
1975-1980 Fellowship of Max Planck Society
1980-2002 Senior Research Fellow and Head of Department (for US-Law) at Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Patent, Copyright and Competition Law, Munich
1997 Professor, Univ. of Munich Law School (Summer Semester)
1997-1998 Professor, Free Univ. of Berlin Law School (Winter Semester)
1998-2004 Professor, Univ. of Munich Law School
2004-date Professor, Humboldt-Univ. of Berlin Law School (Chair for Civil Law, Intellectual Property Law, Commercial Law and Comparative Law)
Other Research and Teaching Appointments
1978 Research stay at George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
1980-1984 Adjunct, teaching Economics at Univ. of Munich Law School and Civil Law at Univ. of Munich Department of Social Sciences
1984-1985 Visiting Scholar, Stanford Univ. Law School, Stanford, CA
1985-1986 Teaching Civil Law at Univ. of Munich Law School and Department of Social Sciences
1986 Teaching at Duke Univ. Law School, Durham, N.C. Summer Program in Copenhagen
1991 Teaching Master Class at John Marshall Law School, Chicago, Ill.
1993 Visiting Professor, Tulane Univ. Law School, New Orleans, LA
1998-date Teaching at Santa Clara Univ. Law School, Santa Clara, CA Summer Program in Munich

2000 (Aug.-Oct.),

2002 (Aug.-Oct.),

2003 (Aug.) to

2004 (March),

2009 (Aug.-Dec.),



Visiting Professor, Santa Clara Univ. Law School, Santa Clara, CA



2010 (Jan.-March) Visiting Professor, University of Washington Law School, Seattle, WA
Other Appointments
1985-1997 Attorney at Law, admitted to the Munich Bar
2002-2011 Judge, Court of Appeals, Munich

Research Interests

Prof. Bodewig's principle research interest lies in Industrial Property Law and Copyright Law, Antitrust Law, the Law of the European Union, US-Law and Comparative Law.

Main Teaching Areas

International, European and German Intellectual Property Law; European and German Competition Law; Commercial Law; Comparative Law



Government Funded R&D and Patent Protection in the USA (in German)
Basel 1982, XXXII, 513 pp.

The Recall of Defective Products - A Study of the Duty to Recall under German, European and US Civil Law (in German)
Tübingen 1999, XXVI, 486 pp.

Perspectives of Intellectual Property and Competition Law. Festschrift für Gerhard Schricker zum 70th Birthday. (co-editor)
München 2005, XII, 944 pp.

Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Chemical Inventions, ed. D. Bucknell
Oxford GB,2011 (consulting editor) 

Patentrechtskommentar, ed. Fitzner, Lutz, Bodewig
Munich 2012 (forthcoming) (coeditor)

Major Articles

The 1980 Amendments to US Patent Law (in German)
GRUR Int. 1982, 19-32

Recent Developments Regarding the Protection of Innovations in the USA (in German)
in: Patentschutz und Innovation, ed. by the Commission of the European Community, Directorat General for the Information Market and Innovation, Luxemburg 1983, pp. III-183 to III-200

Problems of Alternative Causation in Mass Tort Cases (in German)
AcP 185 (1985), 506-558

The Protection of Unregistered Trademarks and Franchising - Economic and Legal Aspects (in German)
in: Handbuch des Ausstattungsschutzes, ed. by. G. Schricker and D. Stauder, Weinheim 1986, pp. 937-980

The Economic Empirical Data and Analyses of the Institute for Economic Research (Ifo-Institut) in the View of Industrial Property Law and Copyright Law (in German)
Ifo-Studien, 35. Jhg. 1989, Heft 2-4, pp. 333-339 (co-authored with F.K. Beier)

Franchise Agreements (in German)
in: Innovation, Industrial Property Protection Today and Tomorrow, Budapest 1989, pp. 169-183

The Construction of Licensing Agreements under US-American Law (in German)
Festschrift für Mario M. Pedrazzini, 1990, pp. 513-534 (coauthored with F.K. Beier)

Franchising under EC Competition Law (in German)
in: Marke und Marketing, ed. by Institut für Gewerblichen Rechtsschutz, Zürich, Bern 1990, pp. 419-442

Environmental Protection and Patent Law - Protection of Recyclable Products (in German)
GRUR 1992, 567-578

Franchising in Europe - Recent Developments
24 Int'l Rev. Industrial Property & Copyright L. 155-178 (1993)

Utility Models for the EU. The Max Planck Institute's Proposal for a Community Utility Model Law
Second Tier Protection. Report and Proceedings of a Symposium, hrsg. v. Chartered Institute of Patent Agents, London 1994, S. 45-53

The Regulation of Comparative Advertising in the European Union
9 Tulane Eur. & Civ. L. Forum 179-214 (1994) = Advertising Law Anthology, Bd. 18, part II, July-December 1995, pp. 325-214

The Rights of Universities and Research Institutes to the Results of Self-Financed Research and Government Sponsored Research Projects European Research Structures - Changes and Challenges
in: The Role and Function of Intellectual Property, München 1995, pp. 118-132

The Interfaces of Intellectual Property Law and Academic Research European Research Structures - Changes and Challenges
in: The Role and Function of Intellectual Property, München 1995, pp. 197-222

Copyright Contracts in the USA (in German)
in: Urhebervertragsrecht. Festgabe f. Gerhard Schricker z. 60. Geburtstag, München 1995, pp. 833-883

On the Misuse of Intellectual Property Rights
in: Intellectual Property Rights and Global Competition, Berlin 1995, pp. 231-252

Products Liability of Franchisors under the Products Liability Statute (in German)
in: Aktuelle Herausforderungen des Geistigen Eigentums. Festgabe von Freunden und Mitarbeitern für F. K. Beier zum 70. Geburtstag, ed. by v. J. Straus, München 1996, pp. 577-591

Civil Law Problems of the Duty to Recall Defective Products in the Automobile Industry (in German)
DAR 1996, 341-347 = 34. Deutscher Verkehrsgerichtstag 1996, ed. by Deutsche Akademie für Verkehrswissenschaft, Hamburg 1996, pp. 141-158

Franchisees' Right to Compensation under Commercial Law upon the Termination of Their Contract (in German)
BB 1997, 637-644

New Licensing Guidelines in the USA (in German)
GRUR Int. 1997, 958-971

The New EU Directive on Distance Selling (in German)
DZWiR 1997, 447-455

E-Commerce and Unfair Competition (in German)
GRUR Int. 2000, 475-482

Exhaustion of Intellectual Property Rights in the USA (in German)
GRUR Int. 2000, 597-610

Priority for Commercial Interests in Media Law? The ECJ' s Interpretation of the Television Directive (in German)
JZ 2000, 659-664

The Law of Rebates and Premiums in the EU (in German)
WRP 2000, 1341-1365 (co-authored with Frauke Henning-Bodewig)

Remedies for the Violation of Pre-contractual Duties by Breaking Off Negotiations (in German)
JURA 2001, 1-8

The EC Proposal for a Utility Model Directive
in: Creative Ideas for Intellectual Property, ed. by F. Dessemontet und R. Gani, Lausanne 2002, pp. 339-363

Comments on Andreas Heinemann: Antitrust Law and the Internet
in: The Future of Transnational Antitrust - From Comparative to Common Competition Law, ed. by J. Drexl, Bern 2003, pp. 155-158

The Law of Unfair Competition in the United Kingdom: Case Law, Statutory Law and Self Regulation (in German)
GRUR Int. 2004, 543-558

Country Report: United Kingdom (in German)
in: Kommentar zum UWG, ed. by H. Harte-Bavendamm and F. Henning-Bodewig, München 2004, pp. 226-239 (1st and 2nd ed.)

The Law of Unfair Competition in Ireland (in German)
GRUR Int. 2004, 827-831

Country Report: Ireland (in German)
in: Kommentar zum UWG, H. Harte-Bavendamm and F. Henning-Bodewig, München 2004, pp. 239-247 (1st and 2nd ed.)

No Challenge Clauses for the Assignor in US Patent Law (in German)
GRUR Int. 2004, 918-923

Contractual Obligations "post contractum finitum" (in German)
JURA 2005, 505-511

Legal Problems of Importing Products Covered by a Process Patent under US Patent and Tarif Law (in German)
VPP-Rundbrief Nr. 1 / März 2005

Some Comparative Remarks on the Protection of Products Covered by a Patented Process in the USA and Germany (in German)
in: VPP-Rundbrief Sonderausgabe "Festschrift 50 Jahre VPP", pp. 452-464 

Damages in US Copyright Law (in German)
in: Perspektiven des Geistigen Eigentums und Wettbewerbsrechts. Festschrift für Gerhard Schricker, München 2005, pp. 235-248

Practical Problems of Remedies for Patent Infringement - Injunctive Relief, Claim for Abatement, Right of Disclosure (in German)
GRUR 2005, 632-639

Double License Fee as A Method of Accounting Damages in Light of the Enforcement Directive (in German)
co-authored with A. A. Wandtke), GRUR 2008, 220-229

Use Restrictions on Trade Marks Under Art. 20 TRIPS
in: Technology and Competition. Contributions in Honor of Hanns Ullrich, ed. by J. Drexl, R. M. Hilty, L. Boy, C. Godt and B. Remiche, Bruxelle 2009, pp 15-12

Protection of Inventions and Freedom of Movement of Goods in Germany up to the Imperial Patent Law 1877 - Two Early Parallels to the Recent History of Patent Law (in German)
in: Festschrift 200 Jahre Juristische Fakultät der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Geschichte, Gegenwart und Zukunft, ed. by S. Grundmann, M. Kloepfer, C.G. Paulus, R. Schröder and G. Werle, Berlin 2010, pp. 1185-1200

Exhaustion of IP Rights in Europe
in: IP Systems in Common Law and Civil Law Countries, ed. by Toshiko Takenaka, forthcoming 2012

Case Notes

Diamond v. Chakrabarty (447 U.S. 303, 65 L.Ed.2d 144, 100 S.Ct.2204) (with German Translations of the Decision)
GRUR Int. 1980, 631 pp.

Diamond v. Diehr (450 U.S. 175, 67 L.Ed.2d 155, 101 S.Ct. 1048) (with German Translation of the Decision)
GRUR Int. 1981, 646 pp.

News Reports

Monthly Column in the Journal »Gewerblicher Rechtsschutz und Urheberrecht. Internationaler Teil« (GRUR Int.: Industrial Property and Copyright Protection, International Part) on recent developments worldwide in Intellectual Property Law from 1980 to 2002 (in German).